Trysth - Soulchambers

Falling under the title of beign post-metal, Trysth is the creation of: Georgi Yoshovski - drums, Asen Santev - guitars, Yavor Dimov - bass/vocals and they claim their sound as being atmospheric sludge metal, hmmm well sludge sounding or sludge influence it definitely is which is an odd twist considering that when this outfit was formed back in 2007 by this band’s drummer and guitarist, it was black metal. Trysth turned to their sludgy sound when their drummer joined it making this their album “Soulchambers” a nexus of emotional combat.

The album cover art to me seems to be  what I would call nouveau black metal art style with the dead haunted looking trees and its shadowed tones, it's just the front used that would make one think ok this may not be black metal but then still not sure... well needless to say I do love this cover art big time. Now for the album's music… I wasn't sure at fist how I would take to the phat sound of these tracks but I actually loved it more and more as the music played on and this was on the first listening I totally love it even more the second time around and so forth.

"Soulchamber" is extremely heavy in sound, super thick, super phat. If you love heavy bass and very low tones this is your album. Don't take my words wrong though, when I say low toned and phat, this is not a slow album. Yes these tracks are slow pace but not as slow as one would find I depressive black metal. Sludge is the sound and you can hear traces still of black metal influence. The use of vocals are not the priority here. The vocals that you will find are dark and deep with at times sort of chant like nice. When they are happening these vocals sounds do fit well with this albums tone and bleak atmosphere. Very emotional steady riffs, progressive bass and drum beats. Kinda depressive but then at the same time I would describe these tracks as giving the feeling of slowing uplifting from a depressive state.

I would not say that this is the best musicianship that I have head, it is what it is for what it is and I find even though some of the rough edges could be smoothed out the very slight flaws do add to the flavor. I love the 3rd track ‘Ordeal Vision’ the vocals presented here sound like a calming end of a storm. The track on it's own is a journey into a ruffled storm and finding your way out again. Each of these heavily instrumental 6 tracks can be described as being poetic and  the only negative I can really say towards this music is that I was not impressed with the album's opening ‘Discent’ which to me is just a cheap soundscape and should not have been numbered nor titled as a track, this is part of where I knocked off some points when rating this work. All in all Trysth have presented a worthy piece of dark urban art here. "Soulchambers" I'd say is an album worth to grace your collection. Give it a listen and experience the wave.

  1. Descent  
  2. Spine Of Snakes
  3. Ordeal Vision
  4. Sever The Stars
  5. Weeping Orbits
  6. The Undyin

Serpent Eve Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 23, 2015

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