Tsubo - Con Cognizione Di Causa

Back in 2009 my pals in The Anal Treatment Xxxperience (Greek death motherfucking disgusting grind), gave me their split CD which among other grind freaks, had a band from Italy named Tsubo. That whole release back then was a total blaster. I remember me enjoying the Tsubo part of the split. It had all the elements a grind band, as grind music in general should have. 2012 Was time for these Italian pieces of rot, and after a demo, an EP and two split CDs, to release their first full length. Tsubo's first full length is called 'Con Cognizione Di Causa', which I believe means 'with knowledge of the cause' or something like that (my Italian sucks....). Italian language is going to be a problem for those who want to read lyrics along with the music. All the song titles and lyrics are in Italian. But if you just stick to the music you won't understand a thing (one of the thousand reasons I love death metal vocs  hehe). 

You will find yourself swallowed by these grind freakin bastards. Their music is just awesome. 20 Songs of pure grind madness. Blastbeated and fast as a storm. And now that I mentioned storm, there's an awesome cover of Terrorizer's 'Storm Of Stress' in this whole death-grind madness. Absolutely outstandingly executed. I really wouldn't expect less from this Italian grind machine, they really take their music way too serious. From start to end, every song seems to have a reason for being there and not just to fill a spot on the CD. Every song has a character and almost eachone is below 2:00 minutes. Which makes this whole album, really hard to get bored with. And of course how can you get bored with something that combines the wrath of bands as Nasum, Terrorizer and Brutal Truth, making it all work for their own sake, and creating a personal sound so tight that can destroy tons of concrete with a blast. Those guys really know how to filter their influences, and how to turn their anger into music. Fat and itchy guitar sound combined with a jaw breaking bass, following the lead of a drummer under million gallons of cerozine. The vocals are typical but really awesome. Brutal and guttural combined with shrieky ones. A perfect combination for a guaranteed continuation of a grind massacre. 

The whole paroxysm stops with an out of nowhere 6:40 minute closure song. And after 35 minutes of continuous and intense grind ramming the fun is over. Need anything else? Oooh almost forgot… the tale of the tip is that this band's got its name from a Japanese cartoon hero who's way to attack was by hitting pressure points with a move called 'Tsubo'. It all makes sense now don't it? Friendly warning… do not listen this one in your car while driving. Definitely not a good idea...


  1. Matricidio
  2. Cicatrici
  3. Vermi
  4. L'Odio
  5. Nel Bene Nel Male
  6. Come Pensi Cosç Sarai
  7. A-narcogrind
  8. Non Trovo Pace (Sessossessione)
  9. Terapia d'Urto
  10. Reminiscenza
  11. Fellatiocrazia
  12. La Quiete E La Tempesta
  13. Salt Mine (cover Assuck)
  14. TV (Tara VolontA)
  15. Un Nuovo Taglio
  16. Avvezzamento Ciclico
  17. Storm Of Stress (cover Terrorizer)
  18. Furia Procace
  19. Riflessi d'Evidenza
  20. Colto Da Disperazione

Self Released
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 15, 2012

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