Twisted Tower Dire - Crest Of The Martyrs

From the US comes this power metal band that is playing the metal in a true version. Clear high vocals, multi vocal choir, uptempo songs and good guitarwork including the riffs and the great leads. This is what I like in this kind of metal, the guitarleads. At the end the multi vocal choir gets irritating but that can be put aside. This is their third album and the songs are still powerful and you can hear they live for this genre and keep it alive and strong!

1. At night
2. Some other time, some other place
3. Axes & honor
4. To be a champion
5. Infinitum
6. Fight to be free
7. Transfixed
8. By my hand
9. Guardian bloodline
10. The reflecting pool
11. The witch's eyes

Remedy Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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