Tyranex - Extermination Has Begun

Storming out of Sweden is this fast female fronted thrash three piece. If you like your metal fast and hard, with some similarities to Agent Steel and some of the Canadian speed metal bands of old, then Tyranex will be right up your street.

Linnea Landstedt has some high pitched vocals in her back pocket, think of recent Gama Bomb releases and some elements of fellow countrymen Enforcer in the vocal stakes, mix this with very early Death Angel have you have titanic thrash of sometimes epic proportions. One such example is ‘The Weak Strike Back’, this also has one of those solos that you crave to hear over and over again, every base is covered and every note is bleeding from the guitar’s fretboard. Mid paced groove greets you on ‘The Curse’, one of the more accomplished numbers on this album, but there is no denying a youthful exuberance or a level of excitement when you hear such cuts. Bear in mind, by track two, I was already hitting the order button on the internet.

I do not know what it is; maybe the culture of learning music in the school system, but Sweden also tops the rankings when it comes to quality metal bands in my experience. ‘Dreamland’ has an energy that I can only associate with drinking a full case of a branded energy drink, listening to this certainly does give you wings. Where necessary, Tyranex slow down only for a brief period of time to emphasise the track more, some bands use this as a way to break any monotony, but for Tyranex, they have a need to do this, it fills you with anticipation with every note.

If you like you thrash fast with high vocals, this is certainly an album for you and one that I can really sink my teeth into, an essential purchase. Not giving the album full marks is a very difficult decision, maybe half a point more if I could, the production is not that perfect in a few places, but at least this way I have left the path clear for Tyranex to once again knock me on my arse with their next album.

  1. The Weak Strike Back
  2. The Curse
  3. As The Cross Crumbles
  4. Dreamland
  5. None So Cruel
  6. Tormentor
  7. Awakening The Dead
  8. Road To Damnation
  9. Extermination Has Begun

Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 16, 2011

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