Tyrax - War In Heaven

In 2002 this album was unleashed upon mankind. Tyrax is around from 1996 and has musically evolved to a no nonsense death metal band. Their style is melodic and not afraid to use an accoustic clean sung intro. The songs have variety in the tempo which can go up in a blast or down into a mosh part. With one solo guitarist there are some leads in the songs, but could have been more. The top fast parts I like but the thing that cannot convince me are the main vocals. It get annoying after a few songs. The 2nd style of vocals in track 7 is more of a grind one and fits it better in my opinion. Also on this album a nice videoclip.

1. War in heaven
2. Psychopain
3. Sacred flames
4. Vampires destiny
5. Fit of rage
6. Infinite
7. Hate angel (the final conflict)
8. Eradiction day
9. until life flows out

videoclip of Eradiction day

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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