Tzun Tzu - The Forbidden City

The Australian band Tzun Tzu (an alternative spelling of the Chinese military general Sun Tzu, author of the "Art Of War", call their music ancient oriental death metal. Their lyrics deal with ancient Japanese history and what we have here on "The Forbidden City" are three songs of dark and heavy death metal. Mixed with the use of some traditional Japanese music instruments.

So if you think about Nile as a main influence you are not far away from the truth. Tzun Tzu exist since 2003 so here we have four seasoned musicians who know how to play proper death metal. Besides Nile, there is a certain Immolation/Incantation vibe in the dark guitar riffs and in the guttural voices of Don Taylor (guitars/vocals) and Nick Seja (guitars/vocals). The rhythm section of Adam Ritchie on bass and Alan Catman on drums is flawless and keeps a solid background for the sonic guitars/vocals storm.

The production of "The Forbidden City"is on a very good level and you can clearly hear all the instruments. Tzun Tzu mix melody and brutality in equal proportions and the result is one EP that is worth listening. If you are into death metal bands that use strange and unorthodox music elements then you should check this one out!


1. The Forbidden City
2. Kunoichi
3. Ko'Muso

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Apr 16, 2020

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