Uerberos – Tormented By Faith

Uerberos are a brand new four piece from Poland formed somewhat from the ashes of the band Inset.

“Tormented By Faith” is 9 tracks clocking in just short of 40 minutes. Now the term Polish death metal is like Swedish death metal. When you say it you expect to hear a certain sound. With Swedish death metal for example you would expect a cold, raw sound with dirty chainsaw guitars etc with Polish death metal you expect death metal played with a clean mechanical precision. Uerberos deliver that very much here. Its death metal played with a technical but balanced brutality and with its fair share of slower atmospheric, doomier passages to break things up nicely. There are some great riffs and some shredding with a hint of melody. “Black Emissary” for example is a great stand out track.

The usual subjects spring to mind when listening to this album. Bands like Vader, Decapitated with a bit of Behemoth etc. The thing with this album is that its strengths are the same as its weaknesses. The band carry on the tradition of the Polish death metal sound, it’s clear that’s what they set out to do and they have achieved it. It a good solid album with everything in place that needs to be but to be, there’s some great ideas and some fantastic musicianship is on display. The problem is that it lacks any real stand out tracks and to be honest it’s nothing you haven’t heard before. That’s not to say the album is bad by any stretch.

All in all, A solid statement of intent but needs more distinction moving forward. The potential is there.

  1. Intro
  2. ...And Finally, I Will Come
  3. Destroy The Enemy
  4. Tormented By Faith
  5. To Be Seen And Heard
  6. Black Emissary
  7. My Lord, My Father
  8. No Redemption
  9. Live And Die Like A Human
  10. Respect For Death

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 26, 2017
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