Ulcer Uterus - Agonizing Degradation

Ulcer Uterus is a death metal band from Poland and was fromed in 1999. The boys play typical Deathmetal, but not the "polish way of Death Metal". Their style is more oldschool and ami like. The sound of "Agonizing Degardation" is absolutely okay and sound proffesional. Ulcer Uterus has no label.

The album starts with a guitar intro, followed by a straight death metal song. The songwriting sounds a little uninspired, only standard riffing, blastbeats, up and down sliding powercords. There are only a few moments of surprise and interesting musical expression. Only the vocals, really good grunts and screams ala Glen Benton are to note. The songs are mostly in mid-tempo, followed by blast.

It´s a pitty that the band always cut of the catchy moments of their songs, and go on with boring standard riffing. There is no earchatching song.

In fact that "Agonizing Degradation" is the band´s 2nd output, beside a demo in 2005, this work is not a masterpiece. Nothing more than a mid-class album. There are good ideas, but the band has to work harder for their next output, but for fans of straight simple Death Metal this album is ok.

Have a try and judge for yourself.

1. Intro
2. Call of War
3. Fetus Slayer
4. Elite
5. Herezja
6. Blood in her Mouth
7. Agonizing Degradation
8. Possession
9. Warmachine
10. Nothing is Not (cover Morbid Angel)

Self released
Reviewer: Paul
Mar 2, 2010

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