Ulcerate - The Coming Of Genocide

New Zealand. A little country at the end of the world where you can swim to the South Pole in a few minutes. Peaceful population and environment. So what the fuck created this brutal death metal act Ulcerate? We will never known but who cares anyway? This 8 tracker is a bomb! Attractive brutal death metal with technical and frequently changing rhythms and melodies. That drummer is going beserk on his rhythms! Grunting (but not too deep) and freaky riffs with some leads. Tempo is high or very high but they put a lot of breakdowns in them so you won't be bored. This album is a must have and as a bonus you get a CDROM with video and pictures. Great release.

1. The Coming of Genocide
2. Unhallowed Ascension
3. Scorn the Dethroned
4. Second Death
5. Subversive Supremacy
6. Burnt Offering
7. Ulceration
8. Smash the Deceitful
The Flood Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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