Ultra Violence - Privilege To Overcome

"Privilege To Overcome" is the first full album by the band Ultra Violence from Turin, Italy.
They named themselves after the 1987 album by Death Angel. This is the first encounter I’ve had with this band so it will be interesting to see what they can deliver.

'The Spell Of The Moon' is an outstanding opening track and really lays down a marker for the rest of the album. The vocals sound very brutal and yet clear. Andrea Vacchiotti, lead guitar, has some slick sounding, fast paced solos. You can already tell just from the opening track that the sound and style has been influenced by the Bay Area thrash metal scene of the 1980s. The album has 13 songs on it making for almost an hour’s worth of listening. There are one or two tracks such as 'You’re Dead' clocking in at 55 seconds in length as well as 'When Future And Past Collide', clocking in at 1 minute 5 seconds. These songs are clearly filler for the album, which is a shame because tracks like 'The Beast Behind Your Back', 'L.F.D.Y.' and 'Turn Into Dust' really do show what the band is capable of doing when everything works.

I recommend picking this album up when it comes out. Yes, there are some drawbacks to it with the filler songs and one very overly long song called 'The Voodoo Cross'. However all the elements are there for this band to make their mark with this album but only time will tell how much of a mark they will make.

1. Spell Of The Moon
2. L.F.D.Y.
3. Order Of The Black
4. Stigmatized Reality
5. Restless Parasite
6. Turn Into Dust
7. The Voodoo Cross
8. You're Dead
9. The Beast Behind Your Back
10. 10.000 Ways To Spread My Hate
11. Metal Milizia
12. When Future & Past Collide
13. Ride Across The Storm