Ulvdalir - Flame Once Lost

Ulvdalir from Russia may be not so known but the bands the musicians are involved with are somehow known like Drama, Ragor and the Death Metal act Septory. ‘Flame Once Lost’ is the debut release of Ulvdalir, recorded in 2005 and released back in 2008 by the German label Black Devastation Records.

The album contains 5 lengthy tracks, 2 of which are durable for approximately 12 minutes. Ulvdalir performs sheering old fashioned Slavic Black Metal filled with occasional ambience. On this album, Ulvdalir has somehow a cold and distant/echoed sound. The advantage is that it boosts the ‘creepy’ atmosphere of the whole album, whereas the drawback is that the production especially on guitars leave a bit to be desired. As for the rest, the musical performance is acceptable. Despite the fact that tempo variation is never lacking, some of the parts are repetitive thus making the album less interesting to listen. Though what I could praise in general are the ideas that they come out with plus the bass lines that don’t follow the same notes guitarists are playing.

Considering the fact that it is a debut release, ‘Flame Once Lost’ is may be worthy piece to be listened, and if production was somehow better, personally I could understand more about the guitar performance since during speedy performances, drum sounds gets over the guitar sound.

1. The Black Wind   
2. To The Great Eternity   
3. Cold Of The Solitude   
4. Purity To Blood   
5. The Cold Hall   
6. In A Blaze Of Sunset

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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