Ulvdalir - Soul Void

Back again with Ulvdalir, and this time with the album entitled ‘Soul Void’ which is like comparing earth and sky when considering the review I made for their debut album ‘Flame Once Lost’

Ulvdalir came back with another dose of Black Metal in their own way. The sound is quite close to the Germanic side of Black Metal, and if it wasn’t for the vocals, I wouldn’t exclude my assumption. For various reasons some Russian vocalists seem to have their own sound.

Musically speaking, few words may not be enough! By definition, they fall under the category of Black Metal, but I’d rather say that the guys are performing more than just Black Metal. Elements of Death Metal and Doom, Groove and old School Thrash are never lacking in their cocktail of metal music. Dual structured rhythm guitars, chunky clean bass sounds, and powerful drumming blended with occasional ambient and an angry voice reminding me a bit of Darkthrone, plus a bit of Thors Hammer (PL) and Sunwheel (PL).

I should also point out that the band has really matured musically from the time the previous album was launched. All in all this cocktail of sounds is filled with anger, plus a bit of nostalgia delivered through this exquisite package of metal sounds. Just imagine Darkthrone with a chunky and a semi-thick sound.

This release comes with a professional studio sound. A must for Darkthrone followers who are looking for something new to listen!

1. Tormenting Catharsis   
2. Herald Of Ruin   
3. Dropping The Gulp Of Blood   
4. Night Of The Soul Void   
5. Life Denial   
6. Enemy Of Every Human   
7. In The Glare Of The Pyres   
8. Gates Of Death

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Apr 28, 2010

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