Umbra Conscientia - Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness

Umbra Conscientia, in "Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness" has delivered, what appears to be a brand new project, according to the label's Bandcamp page. And it is certainly working well within the bands of black metal flavour. I like the sound.

The opening, 'El Caos Que Precede A La CreaciÛn (Intro)' features a deep somber echo of a sound that clearly hearkens to horror videos of the past - but the album does not sound old or derived. The tremolo picking is present and the vocals and BM style shrieks, but there is something about the way the rhythms and the guitars work together that create a new space for BM to inhabit the aural-scape.

I don't know if anyone has ever heard of the strange noise project, Stallagh, but the opening of the album makes one think of their recording of screaming in sanitariums over a layer of dark and emotive sounds.

The guitars come out from that track into 'Maze Of Exile' blast forth and evoke something from The Emperor - which I don't think we have heard too much recently. ëTis good to have that musical quote in this day.

The third track, 'Romance Of Contradictions' changes the texture a great deal by opening up the techniques, slowing down, and adding an upbeat element minute or so that sits well in the context of the album. In fact, when the drum blasts come back in, the change is very cool as it changes the album's feeling moving to track four.

The next section of the album contains a very classic tremolo and drum section, producing a wall of metal with stylistics vocals, scream, shrieks, over the sounds. But the way the last track, the title track in fact opens, slowing down and settling, denotes the attention it deserves to close the album. It seems off-brand, in a way, to take such a turn on the title track, but this suggests to me that this track means something to the band. I say this because when the pace opens up again, it seems to have found a new found energy. It really is a great closer to the album.

This is not an album that changes metal - but it is a good one.


1. El Caos Que Precede A La Creación (Intro)
2. Maze Of Exile
3. Romance Of Contradictions
4. Citrinitas
5. Umbra Conscientia
6. Lord Of Phosphorus
7. Yellowing Of The Lunar Consciousness