Umbra Nihil - Gnoia

This CD lived up to my initial cogitation's. I thoroughly enjoyed the album, and I could safely say this band will reign as one of my favorites today. Umbra Nihil plays mind baffling death\doom metal. I could say they had a specific reminiscent sound but I would I be lying. The band has an exceptionally unique sound. It is unquestionable that Umbra Nihil will be a successfull metal act.

Umbra Nihil is a band that hails from Finland with the intentions for creating droning death\doom. The album holds sorrowful and sombre innervations
You must have some sort of sensibility to correctly define the sound of the band. Or, I could leave it undertermined as it's a task done easier than spoken. When listening to this album, I am definititely getting influences from bands such as Cathedral, and perhaps Officium Triste when comparing the melodies.

I first noticed the deep and guttural vocals on this CD, which is not too overdone. They're solid and deep, but kind of droning. The music is exceptionally beautiful and melodic, though it can be excessively gloomy at times.  The music is slow, droning and sorrowful, though with the harmonies the band mixes into the album make it interesting enough to listen to without it getting dull. Track 1 "Nocturnal Occurences" brings to mind the band Sorrow, or perhaps Disembowelment with their heavy sound.

My favorite track of the album is undoubtedly "Gnoia". It starts off with some decent riffage and drums. The following riffs are complex harmonies which develop into a wonderful blend of lead and rhythm. The keyboard work in this track and entire CD is reminiscent of bands like Saturnus, or Officum Triste. This is not the most brutal or punishing track of the CD, it's more of a track for ultimate relaxation to meet your doom standards. The vocal work on this track, I can not say much of, because there aren't many vocal lines. Though, when the vocals come into play, they're clean and provide you with a incredible sense of the bands music.

1. Nocturnal Occurences
2. Fear of the Void
3. Gnoia
4. Shields Down
5. Words Left Unspoken
6. The Dreams In The Witch-house
7. Fade Out

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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