Unabomber - Potemkin

Unabomber hails from Barcelona was formed in 1996 by members from different local bands. More info I don't have. The info I can give you about this 30 minutes aural attack is that is covers songs in a wide range of styles. They mix their frustration with grind, hardcore and metal. Not only aggressive stampede songs but with midtempo intermezzos. Vocals are very diverse and are typical hardcore or extreme grinding yells like in track 7!! Cool track of 33 seconds. This whole disc is a weird combination of different ideas. You have to get used to it but when you, you'll discover Speedy Gonzales in one of the songs!!

1. Dreaming
2. Poetry isnt just stuff that rimes
3. The ballad of the angry brigade
4. Comrades
5. Evidence (i see violence)
6. Panzerkreuzer potemkin
7. Less is more (the night I saw Brutal Truth)
8. Sclan
9. Anthem of the outsiders
10. Your karma sucks
11. The swedish prisioner
12. No blood no honour

Voliac Rock
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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