Unborn Suffer - Is This What We've Created?

This band, Unborn Suffer, from Bydgoszcz, Poland is just what the doctor ordered (sometimes one must use a cliché). It is death metal with all the growling and chop-it-to-the-head vomit-inducing blood letting that that entails in tracks like “Deceived, Betrayed, Killed, Enslaved” and “Drink Until I Die.” Then it slows down for moments in tracks like “Times of Lament” to relish the crying child and the desperate young man who states, “This can’t be happening.” The guitars go into seconds of Sunn O))) and then pick back up again with instrumentalized riffing. I almost want to think that this is metal music for an interior film as Ulver’s Perdition City is electronic music to an interior film where some make it and some do not. Who actually makes it is unknown and the ones who do cry for peace or annihilation.

But in the midst of this creative metal is a hardcore element that certainly should not go unnoticed. The music was written for a reason one assumes. In the track “Whore,” the vocals are raging but the drums, at least in the beginning of the track, are played like something out of Minor Threat. Plus, the title is the sort one would expect from a band politically engaged via music activism (if there really is such a thing), like the band is asking questions to its European culture through its tunes. We need more time to look into this of course, but in the meantime, I say put Unborn Suffer into your player and enjoy. The band changes tempos all the time, the vocal styles vary regularly, and the guitars race through lead licks to fast deliberate downward plunging. It will entertain all the way to the end.

1. Human
2. Death's Birth
3. ...And You're No More
4. P.N.M.
5. Whore
6. Drink Until I Die
7. Progression - Suppression
8. Deceived, Betrayed, Killed, Enslaved
9. Drilling For Brains
10. Collateral Damage
11. Times Of Lament
12. Throwaway

Soulflesh Collector Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009
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