This is a Swedish Death Metal fans delight, a 2CD set encompassing everything the band released whilst in existence. Included on the first disc is their full length ‘Splenium For Nyktophobia’ album, with the second disc featuring the much rawer  1991 demo "Transportation to the Uncanny", 1992’s "Nyktalgia" demo and the split with Ancient Rites. Yes you have that classic Sunlight Studio buzz centring about the full length album, but listening to the demo period you gain the raw essence of a band finding its musical feet. There is no denying the groove laid down by the masters of Swedish Death is emulated during tracks like ‘Brain Access’, but the melody and arrangement progressively comes into the fruition on tracks like ‘Timeless’. Of course, this is a perfect title for quite an epic instrumental number, whilst retaining its bare bones focus the track leads you nicely into the positively bombastic ‘Screaming in Phobia’. ‘The Final Conflict’ encroaches on some influences used today in modern death metal, were this band ahead of their time? Unfortunately timing into the music market may have had some impact with the sheer wealth of talent from Sweden during the late 1980’s, early 1990’s, its such a massive shame, but at least you can have a chance to relive the experience, and have all of Uncanny’s recorded music present in your rotten paws for the first time.

The demo version of ‘Tales from the Tomb’ booms into life, the feel is very much a more pleasurable experience, raw, in your face, whilst the album version from disc 1 is much more polished, but still remaining rotten, to the purist, the demo will win out, it just sounds fresh and vibrant, even if it is rather bass heavy in the production. The ‘Nyktalgia’ demo seems much more bestial, an aggressive war beast, even if it is recorded slightly earlier than their debut demo, but one can certainly hear these differing melodic tones and passages entering the bands repertoire, even at the demo stage, instrumentals and classic renditions show they are not short of confidence nor are they of inferior quality. But let’s face it, I like this style of music for the power, the energy the utter filth laden, buzz saw guitar tone, and this is present in bucket loads.

This is simply a must-have release for fans of Classic Rotten Swedish Death metal, the full package represents Uncanny’s full career output and fulfils your collection of Swedish classic death metal, this release could sit right next to the big named masters of death releases.

Disc 1 (From ‘Splenium for Nyktophobia’):
1. Elohim
2. Tales From the Tomb
3. Brain Access
4. Timeless
5. Screaming in Phobia
6. Enkelbiljetten (G-Anx cover)
7. Indicatio Vitalis
8. Soul Incest
9. Sprangskitten
10. Towards the Endless Throne
11. Lepra
12. The Final Conflict
13. Splenium for Nyktophobia

Disc 2 (From ‘Transportation to the Uncanny’, ‘Nyktalgia’ and the split with Ancient Rites):
1. Intro
2. Creeping Persecution Behind the Gates
3. Transportation to the Uncanny
4. The Porno Flute
5. Why My Intestines?
7. Profligacy of Power
8. The Cryptic Trail
9. Tales from the Tomb
10. Ceased From Reality
11. Nyktalgia
12. Ceased from Reality
13. Determination to Win
14. Profligacy of Power
15. Soul Incest
16. Why My Intestines?
17. Brain Access