Under Eden - The Science Of Self-Defeat

Setting themselves apart from many of the U.S. based metal bands comes Under Eden with their second release entitled "The Science of Self-Defeat". With this album comes an excellent blend of melodic harmonies, blackened death metal, and thrashy riffs. The excellent melodic riffing and fantastic drum work are the backbone of this intensely dark atmospheric album.

The variety of musical transitions of this album are especially nice. The guitar solos easily change from tranquil slower melodies into thrashing riffing madness. For example, "The Technocrat" begins with some very nice melodic guitar then explodes into a mind blowing barrage of metal. Furthermore, the tremendous drumming is very impressive. The musicianship on this album is quite apparent with the skill displayed during the seamless tempo transitions. While the growling vocals are not what make this album great, they are powerful and good. However, the vocals do not have much fluctuation in tone and at times sound somewhat repetitive from song to song.

Overall, this album is a great representation of the artistry an American metal band can produce when they don't dive into the metalcore sound that is so prominent in the U.S. The musical skill and atmospheric quality on this album is definitely worth a listen.

1. The Technocrat

2. Future Devourer

3. Shadows Across Glass

4. Phoenix On Frozen Wings

5. Burial At Sea

6. Reflecting

7. A Sea Of Stars

8. Dreaming Infinity's Fall

9. Awaken Into Agony

10. Serpent Birth

11. Exiled From Existence