Under Fetid Corpses - Archives Of Carnage

This is an interesting release at least because of the fact that this album is also being released on a cassette format and is limited to a number of fifty copies only (Larvae Productions). So consider yourself lucky if you grab one of them. Under Fetid Corpses seems to be a project of Max Tome, guitarist/vocalist of the Portuguese experimental death metal band Colosso. After two demos, he presents to the world his twisted and gory musical vision in the form of the twenty minutes long album "Archives Of Carnage".

Max Tome's agonizing vocals are what makes the first impression - it's like he is trying to speak with a knife stabbed in his throat. He is doing all the instruments here (something that is more and more common in the death/grind/gore field) and the sound is on a good professional level. There are some quite good guitar riffs in the vein of Broken Hope (who seems to be one of the main influences for Under Fetid Corpses) and the bass parts are actually audible which is a big plus in my autopsy report. The tempo is more or less one and the same throughout the whole album but this isn't something that should prevent the regular death/grind freak that I am not to like this piece of mu-sick.

A curious fact: Under Fetid Corpses' website is not working (at least at the time this review is being written), there's no facebook page but there seems to be a working MySpace one (I didn't know that MySpace was still used by anyone). The cover artwork depicting a woman with chopped off legs is the final touch to satisfy your bloody death/grind craving.

  1. Intro(Duction Of Needles In The Meatus)
  2. Excretion Of The Lacerated Foetus
  3. The Vomit Addict
  4. Fornicating The Wounds Of Her Headless Corpse
  5. Slaughterhouse
  6. The Flesh Sculptor
  7. Ran Over By A Roller
  8. Masochist Self Amputation
  9. Boiling Flesh
  10. Two Corpses And A Pickaxe
  11. Cadaveric Schizophrenia
  12. Suffocate
  13. Diarrhea Bath

Reviewer: Tsvetan
Feb 24, 2016

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