Underdark - In The Name Of Chaos

Emerging from the Polish underground, this act offers its first full length release via Psycho Records.

Formed back in 2005 Underdark already launched a 5 track demo in 2007. “In The Name Of Chaos” is a pretty impressive debut album, because it's bursting of technical refinements as well as raw high speed blasting. In other words: Underdark combines the penetrating power of straight-to-your-face Death Metal with ambitious virtuosic skills. All hell breaks loose directly after the short introduction and the band reminds me of such acts like Belphegor and Hate at once. Certainly not the worst bands to be compared with. This release contains everything - from brutal blast beats and extreme guitar shredding to intricate song structures and some unexpected melodic ingredients. Even a few keyboard parts found the way on “In The Name Of Chaos”, but fortunately they're aren't too dominant. The dark growling vocals are perfect for this style and the recording quality is also easily above every reproach. Horns up, guys! The only point of criticism is the the break after the “last” song. I'm not the biggest friend of hidden tracks, but maybe you are interested in it. The result is a strong and impressive release without any flaws. “In The Name Of Chaos” should be recommended to everyone who's into technical Death Metal. Even if there's sometimes a gruff general impression, this album includes so much to discover. Don't miss this enrichment of the international underground scene.

1. Preludium Proelium
2. Gospel Of Netherworld
3. World Reframed
4. The Path
5. Monument Of Hypocrisy
6. In The Name Of Chaos
7. Manifestation Of Denial
8. Black Accomplishment
9. Rebirth
10 God Killing Coup De Grace

Psycho Records
Reviewer: Alex
Jul 26, 2010

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