Underverse - Enigma Of Steel

Underverse is a band hailing from the land of the thousand lakes, Finland. Founded in 2007 but actually the members are playing together since 1998 as a band. The band took some long breaks when members moved to another city but in 2007 found the spark again.
This refounded spirtit led in a new monniker and also became a productive band as they released two demos that year. Their latest offering is the EP "Enigma Of Steel" with five songs and released by the band itself.

On "Enigma Of Steel" you will hear symphonic extreme metal. The symphonic is based on the keyboards which are leading you through the songs. Annoying? A bit. The keys are active but it fits the whole concept but sometimes they are too dominant. The raw growling vocals, guitars and active drumming have problems to overrule the keyboards. And that is a pity as the drummer really kicks arse and the keys forces the two guitarists to withold and not doing leads.

Overal this EP is showing that they are capable of making nice music (has to as you are playing that long together) but with the dominant keys they are pushed a bit too much to bands like Dimmu Borgir or Emperor. If you like those you are safe and otherwise go to their site and listen to some songs. But for the next release please put the keys more in the back so your talent shows off.

1. Born On The Battlefield
2. Demigod
3. Neural Correlation
4. In The Embrace Of Rusalka
5. Natural Lycanthropy

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 23, 2009

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