Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation - Glory Glory Holelujah!

Undying Lust For Cadaverous Molestation (UxLxCxM for short) are a groovy goregrind band from Germany. 'Glory Glory Holelujah' is a comedic approach to extreme metal, and you'll notice this instantly from the blustery cartoon album cover. The album has 21 tracks, not an unusual amount for a grind band, despite the shortest song still being around the two-minute mark.

Commencing the grind is 'Assphyxiating Phantasies' after the comedy parade sample that begins the album. The guitars are distorted and thick sounding with simple yet catchy hooks yet often sound as fake as the drums from most grind bands. However the drums recorded here are supposedly real, yet very quiet in the final mix.

The vocals throughout the record consist of two different techniques. One of these is the low-sounding guttural that a lot of goregrind and pornogrind bands are known for. It's difficult to explain and I'm uncertain of what the vocal technique is called but they're definitely not human sounding, there are effects added on to make them slower and more gnarly than any human could produce. The other style, my favourite in this genre, is the "Underwater bubble gurgle". Or at least that's how I like to explain it, because that's exactly what it sounds like. This vocal usage is also often used in goregrind bands and I cannot believe it is done without the use of some water.

Whilst goregrind and pornogrind primarily sits at the bottom of the scale between normal and not, this album is a fantastic listen. More so for it's use of comedy on song titles such as 'Kiss My Colon', and 'It's Teabag Time'. A childish, yet satisfying delivery of the most extreme genre of music that's possibly out there. Definitely an album for the open-minded among us, and not for anyone who hasn't heard these types of bands before, as the shock may induce masses of confusion and disgust.

  1. Assphyxiating Phantasies
  2. Cock-Hunting Mifls
  3. Glory Hole
  4. Fuck 'em All
  5. Ass To Mouth
  6. Kiss My Colon
  7. Big 'Uns
  8. Yeah Baby, Make Me Sweat
  9. Mark My Chest
  10. The Cum Factory
  11. It's Teabag Time
  12. Sexy As Fuck
  13. Spermsaked Milkshake
  14. Anilingus Fun
  15. Aphrodisianus (Cock and Ball Torture cover)
  16. Dead Shall Rise (Terrorizer cover)
  17. Enema Bulldozer (Cock and Ball Torture cover)
  18. Zuilzalf (Rompeprop cover)
  19. Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog (Dying Fetus cover)
  20. Pelikanelul (Rompeprop cover)
  21. Stench Of Corpse (Disgorged Foetus cover)