Unearth - The Stings Of Conscience

With this re-release of their debut full length from 2001, Unearth (U.S.A.) are set to conquer Europe. The style is a mix of typical american metalcore and scandinavian sounding melodic thrashing metal. Quite a strange combination but it sounds honest and in your face. Riffs are technical one time, then grooving and then very subtle melodic with harmony. Interesting song structures also enforced by vocals dynamics which totally fit the styles mentioned before. Good combination of melodic moods and unearthly aggression...

1. My heart bleeds no longer
2. One step away
3. Fuel the fire
4. Only the people
5. Stings of conscience
6. My desire
7. Vanishment
8. Shattered by the sun
9. Monition
10. Stronghold

Alveran Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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