Unearthly Trance - Electrocution

Hailing from Long Island/Brooklyn New York, Unearthly Trance was founded in 2001. Unearthly Trance is a trio and started with heavy riffing doom but when they got a new drummer the music is becoming heavier than ever and not restricting to doom anymore. They even do some fast parts like in "The Dust Will Never Settle".

In the years to come band recorded already three albums and number four was released in March 2008. It is their second album for Relapse and containing eight tracks.

In the tracks you hear heavy doom riffing and I mean fucking heavy. The guitars are slow but they are hitting the stricks very intense and creating a pushing wall. Count with it that the drums and bass are working very well together to make the fundation solid. And with the bass who is doing melody the guitars are jumping to the forground. And as a cerish on the cake the vocals are raw screaming.

With "Electrocution" Unearthly Trance created a dirty and raw album that is dwelling in the rhythms and very heavy.

1. Chaos Star
2. God Is A Beast
3. The Dust Will Never Settle
4. Diseased
5. The Scum Is In Orbit
6. Religious Slaves
7. Burn You Insane
8. Distant Roads Overgrown

Relapse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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