Unfragment - Vices And Verses

France is the country for these brutal death monsters. Vices And Verses is the second album of Unfragment and contains 12 tracks. It is not only brutal ramming but containing lots of break downs. Guitars are Swedish death metal orientated and thus melodic and aggressive. Vocals are deep grinding over these songs. The power of Unfragment is that the tunes are heavy and powerful, not going to extreme and having some catchy elements. Nice disc from these Frenchmen.

1. Necrophages
2. Vices And Verses
3. My Brother
4. Words Of Another Time
5. A Nos Defunts...
6. Alesia
7. Sentenced To Death
8. Inflamed Way
9. Assiah
10. Conquerir Les Reves
11. Dark Hours
12. Mon Frere

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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