Ungodly - Hate Celebration

Heated under the Brazilian sun these heathens are spewing three incantations at us, the unbelievers. Driven by the passion for metal and anti religion hate and sharing it with us on this EP. Brutal death metal hymns that can win the battle easily. Not the brazilian extreme brutal like Krisiun but more melodic and more different tempo styles. Even a keyboard is nicely add in the second song, my favorit on this EP. Vocals are deep and growling, good guitarriffing although the leads could have been more and diverse drumming. Ungodly is a new black star in the sky and looking forward for more celebrations of hate.

1. 6-Layed in ashes
2. 6-Pesticence of the limbo
3. 6-Hate celebration

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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