Ungodly - Ungodly

The Metal Brazilian, or better, the Metal baiano is in their best days. I am here to comment on on a band, a name that promises to be engraving in the history of Brazilian Death Metal, it is treated of Ungodly. The band is back with their first solemnity full-length entitled Ungodly, My reaction when seeing the material was from total perplexity to begin for the graphic material of the disk, again thrown in version accompanied digipack of a gigantic insert. Killer Death Metal, I am convinced that Ungodly won't just be a promise, but, an exponent of the national and international Metal.

1. The Ungodly Prayer
2. Ungodly
3. Laid In Ashes
4. Murderers In The Name Of God
5. Perpetuating The Truth
6. Possessed By The Lie
7. Hate Celebration
8. Damned Creation
9. The Beast Within
10. Pestilence Of The Limbo

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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