Unholy Ghost - Torrential Reign

Unholy Ghost is a band with ex-Diabolic and Pessimist members. Knowing this, would you expect a gothic power metal band? Wrong! Unholy Ghost pushed the bar of extreme death metal a bit higher. Furious sinister tracks with blasting bassdrums, brutal vocals and the insane guitarriffs and leads! Not only provoking the velocity but vary in tempo which is necessary to hold attention. In the end I must say that this is a molesting piece of art. Must have!!

1. The calling of sin
2. Soul disment
3. Eyes of lost
4. Decimated
5. Cross contamination
6. Denunciation ''the cursed''
7. Entrenched warfare
8. Torn apart
9. Under existence
10. Torrential reign
11. The apparition

Century Media Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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