Unholy Matrimony - Love & Death

Unholy Matrimony is a one man band and the creative creature is Vladimir. On this totally self financed CD there are 10 tracks of passionate symphonic black metal. The songs are well build with enough variation in the melodies to keep the attention. Mostly fast but with nice atmospheric slow parts. The vocals are brutal and clean. At the end it is a nice album to listen to and it should be picked up by more people.

1. A Prelude To Love And Death
2. Le Philtre
3. Following The Black Star Of Thoughts
4. The Feeling Of Not Belonging
5. War
6. Vomiting Bitter Tears Of Disgust
7. La Fatalité De L'amour Véritable
8. Memory Must Remain
9. Hymne À La Mort D'iseut
10. Selbstmord
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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