Unibrow - Total Eclipse Of The Hardcore

On first listen to Unibrow's 'Total Eclipse Of The Hardcore', I will admit that this is potentially something I haven't come across as of yet in the heavy metal music community. Sure there are hardcore bands sprouting everywhere like the painful sighting of roots in a freshly mowed garden, but what's compelling about this short release is the death metal vocals overpowering the hardcore instrumental side to the record. 'Alligator Fuck Pile' is a classic initiation of what Unibrow are fucking good at. In fact, there isn't really a crappy track amongst them.

'This Corpse Won't Dispose Of Itself' evolves the band's genre into a slow, groove-like hardcore feel. This type of genre has recently been blossoming perfectly, with the upcoming success of bands such as Black Tongue and many more. 'Smells Like Bullshit' is a shorter track, yet containing the grunting death metal vocals with enough balls to crush many brutal sounding bands to kingdom-come. The gang chants in this song may appear laughable, but sticking to hardcore roots continues Unibrow's success at nailing the genre.

'Human Train Wreck' is probably the fastest song amongst them, almost entering thrash territories supplied with death metal grunt bursts. Riff after riff successfully obliterates throughout, almost sounding catchy in a rather strange, yet beautiful convergence. Final track 'Farting Rainbows' isn't as comical as it's title suggests. Thundering riffs followed by yelled gang chants roam frequently, forcing this track to become one of the album's highlights.

If this is the future of hardcore, doom-sludge, or whatever the fuck you want to call it...then I'd be happy to embrace this sound with open arms. The hardcore scene finally has a breath of fresh air, with bands like Unibrow on the prowl. It's only a matter of time before this style begins to take the crown for the entire hardcore scene.

1. You Cowards Better Pray
2. Alligator Fuck Pile
3. This Corpse Won't Dispose Of Itself
4. Smells Like Bullshit
5. Human Train Wreck
6. Farting Rainbows

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Aug 6, 2013

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