Unlight - Death Consecrates With Blood

Unholy German black metal is what Unlight presents to you with "Death Consecrates With Blood". This being the 6th album under their belt. Unlight still delivers to you the true sounds of blasphemy with track titles such as "The Old Black Magick Spell" "Carnal Baptism" and "Dancing Upon The Bones Of A Naive Perception" You know that Satan is pleased with these decipels of the old school sound of blackened thrash. Hitting this one with a 4/5 and recommending "Death Consecrates With Blood" to the masses.

1. Death Concecrates With Blood
2. Becoming The Ungodly Sin
3. That Old Black Magick Spell
4. The Passing Of The Black Storms
5. Carnal Baptism
6. Dancing Upon The Bones Of A Naive Perception
7. Bestow The Blessings Of Hell Upon Us
8. Enthrone Night
9. Mendacious Messiah
10. Dead Angel Innocence
Massacre Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009
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