Unothera - Broken

Essentially a two track effort, this dark/doom/death release brings a mixture of Anathema tranquillity mixed with typical recent doom/death recordings, all in the flavour of what I call the UK trinity of artists (if you know the sub-genre, you’ll know who I mean), but in any case with the aforementioned you can add My Dying Bride and some Katatonia going far further afield.

The two tracks with vocals add a melancholic touch to a darker stance, sometimes this works, for me it doesn’t here, I find it a touch forgettable unfortunately. But trying to take the positives out of the release, there’s plenty of atmosphere and I am sure that with more content this could well excite further, but not for me in its current state as it becomes quite repetitive. I like the change of vocal styles, but musically and the actual arrangements, they simply don’t have enough depth to gain a real appreciation, the emotive nature of the music is not quite captured fully.

  1. Hjerst  (instrumental)
  2. The Sum Of Contradictions 
  3. Winter (instrumental)
  4. Broken (Requiem) 
  5. Maitiid (instrumental)

Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 11, 2016
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