Unsu - K.I.A.I.

Kills Icons and Idiots… is the latest album from French brutal death and grindcore band Unsu. Leaning more towards the grind spectrum, the songs are short, precise and forceful. One of my gripes about modern grind are the vocals, thankfully we have more of a classic stance here and none of these (or not too much I should say) of the wining zany style associated with some younger bands, although you will find a pig squeal or two during ‘My Misery’ for example, an added touch to the insane energy this band produce.

Unsu add a splash of groove to the usual heads down full force approach of such bands, a welcomed relief if you’ve been entertaining yourself energetically I guess, but this really helps accentuate the bands style. It’s not all blast beat Armageddon but ‘Lamia’ gives you a false sense of security over its opening few seconds, then it hits the ground running and you better be ready to hold on.

There are furious splattering’s of influences from a few different sources all over the release, especially UK influences. This debut release fits well with the style, Unsu make more use of their aggression than most with a cool production of the recording.

  1. K.I.A.I. 
  2. Wasteland Jail  
  3. My Misery  
  4. Napert Alive  
  5. The Croft 
  6. Lamia  
  7. Thumbs Down 
  8. In-Fest  
  9. Cut Throat With My Ass  
  10. Inbred  
  11. Our Sweat / Not Your Thing  
  12. Squashed Faces  
  13. Kalachnikov Dreams 
  14. Styx  
  15. Cause Of Insomnia  
  16. Unsu  
  17. Save The Planet, Kill Yourself  
  18. Shaved  
  19. Chronic Pain

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 5, 2015

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