Up The Terror - Kill The Monkey

Up The Terror is a bandfrom Venezula and they were founded somewhere in 2007. Their first demo is released with the title "Kill The Monkey" (see download link on the left) in 2008 and containing 5 tracks. Looking at the whole package it would like they are a crossover band but when you start the first track it is obvious. This is thrash metal. And thrash metal like the old days. It reminds me of the German thrash scene. And like all other "new" thrash bands they are not inventing the wheel but they enjoy playing thrash metal. Combine it with some beers and you will have a good time. Headbanging on the fast parts, fist raising in the mid tempo breakdowns, air guitari with the leads or sing the chorusses like "Kill The Monkey". Songs that sound familiair after listening it just once and without hestitation you hit the play button once again. Pure thrash fun!

1. City of Chaos
2. Civil War
3. Kill the Monkey
4. You Ate the Cow
5. Drugaddiction

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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