Urgrund – Unchangeable Fate

And more bands of great level are appearing in Australia, after hearing bands like Belphegor among several other, I ended up knowing the Urgrund band of the city of Melbourn. This band executes a devastating Black/Thrash Metal, the sonority is very simple, direct and fast. The production of the disk is very good, the instruments are very audible, the graphic art in spite of simple is very interesting. I recommend this album for all those that are assiduous fans of a great Black/Thrash Metal!

1. Saga Of Redemption
2. Desert Fox
3. Ride The Warstorm
4. Scavengers
5. Colossal Fist
6. Raiding Monastaries
7. Foredoomed
8. The Unchangeable

Redstream Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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