Urshurark - Pandemonium Theory

Italian black thrash death band Urshurark is releasing a new full length album on Killjoy's label. 9 Songs that rock on. Fast bass drumming (sometimes sounding a bit as a computer), aggressive and brutal vocals and melody raging guitars. Also the use of keyboards for the atmospheric parts. Although they step in the frontline once in a while. An album that predicts destruction but sometimes they are gentle. 35 Minutes of raging and atmospheric metal.

1. Diabolical inferno
2. Pandemonium theory
3. Church of alienation
4. Room of suicides
5. From hell
6. mater terribles
7. The 7th seal
8. A legacy of kain
9. Paradise in reverse
Baphomet Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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