User Ne - Tarantos

After the first notes I scratch my nose and was looking in the biosheet (in fucking spanish! Dave) and read that they play epic folk pagan metal . Nice to know and that means that you hear in the songs folkish instruments, high soprano female vocals, local spanish rhythms and ofcourse the metal elements of double bass drums, guitars. Also mixing different metal styles like doom, death and black. After listening the album I came to the conclusion that they surprised me totally and so I played the album again. Nice and impressive album!

1. Taranto
2. Viola dobozy
3. Okankene 22
4. Tras el iv caos
5. Andaluci
6. ...And ape ar
7. An mis theimous
8. Nivel-um cix
9. Pobo de lenda
10. Main ort
11. Corcubion
12. Naim, yhazura, derval...
13. Al-minzorth

Xtreem Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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