Usipian - Dead Corner Of The Eye

Usipian was formed in 2000 from the remains of Domain. Usipian hais from Denmark is playing fucking brutal death metal. After an intro that is telling nothing but then hell breaks loose. And I mean really loose! Sheer attacks of double bassdrums, deep growling vocals and the guitars are riffing the lines. Man, I like this kind of death metal. Tempos changing frequently and still have a melodic vibe. No retrains but unleasing the aggressive power we need so bad in these fucking desaster era. Recommended.

1. Downfall
2. Dead Reckoning
3. Multiplied Inhuman Disrupture
4. Clouded Restrainment
5. Brought Within Chains
6. Dead Corner of the Eye
7. World Without Skin
8. Selfless
9. Shadows of the Once Unseen
10. Predators of an Unbound Sea
11. An Everborn

Metal Fortress
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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