Utlagr - 1066 Blood And Iron In Hastings

Utlagr is a Canadian band (that is why their site is bi languagal) that plays pagan viking black metal. This is their second album after the "Traditions Normandes" MCD. The title of the album is referring to the battle in Hastings where the French defeated the English. And so the band shows a bit of their roots. Utlagr plays catchy and powerful songs with growling vocals, rapid bass drums and fast riffing that pours out brutality and melody. And maybe that is the attraction of Utlagr, the power and melody. It is not difficult to be powerful but you have to make it attractive to keep people attachted. When you keep all this in mind and listen to the album again you can image you are part of the history. Grab your sword, drink some beer and attack the unbelievers and taste the blood...

1. Soleil Invaincu
2. Terre De L'ouest
3. I'm The Sinner
4. Le Clan Des Loups
5. Circle Of Life
6. Summer Island
7. Rebellion
8. Queen Of Lust And Desire
9. Verden
10. 1066 - Blood And Iron In Hastings

Sepulchral Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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