Utuk Xul - The Goat Of The Black Possession

South American satanik black metal. Spreading the occult over more than 10 years they now release their second hymn. Starting and ending with an spoken ritual from Anton LaVey which set the tone easily. What follows are songs with hellish vocals, raging guitars and fast drumming. And this 5 songs behind each other. Little variation which make it accessable to only die hard stanic war black metal fans.

1. Goat of the black possession
2. Snake of the abyss
3. Visions of the fire
4. The ancient god of the light (part 2)
5. Utuk Xul
6. Whispers of typhared
7. Goat of the black possession
From Beyond Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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