V:28 - VioLution

Vendlus Records is releasing some solid evil metal these days and V:28 is certainly no exception. Their new CD VioLution is definitely black metal with a slight industrial opening, something along the lines of Stalaggh’s work (I am sure some of you out there know who this unique band is). The opening of VioLution is straight out of film (film is ubiquitous these days of course) with mild sounds that sound like something from a far away factory but that also sound like some metallic behemoth crawling from building to building chasing a lone victim and closing in faster and faster. This track is called “Exequor.” Then the wind sounds get louder and louder, the yelling increases from the bowels, and then the black metal begins in the second track aptly named “Shut it Down.” This is metal for real.

The rhythm is steady and consistent underneath amazing black metal growls and drifting melancholic keyboard work. I get that keyboard work will never be to the strength of the melancholy metal of Striborg, but not every band can be perfect in every area. V:28’s keyboard work is very strong and makes for such a fine counterpoint, especially into the third track, “The Absolute,” in that the growls fade away and some harmonizing voices fade in to replace those growls. But in the midst of these fading vocal styles is the keyboard work, sad and open ended like Burzum’s, and yet very much a background accompaniment. V:28 does not use their keyboard in the same pronounced way as Burzum but their use of the instrument is powerful nonetheless. In fact, this CD grows on the listener as it is played. I learned to accept their particular form of black metal. The clarity of musical ingredients reminds me a little of Dimmu Borgir. Except this band is deliberately slow in their dramatic song structuring, especially “Pattern of the Weak.” That track is deliberately slow in a pounding way that reminds me somehow of the driving subtle rhythms of Douglas Pearce in Death in June. V:28 is not acoustic of course but that track still has something of Death in June’s dramatic martial style. I do not know who to thank exactly because this band is clearly made up of talented members (I thank the band of course). But Garm of Ulver fame also helped out on the album too and we know that his musical history has given him over to industrial moments, black metal, art metal, and emo-noise (a new genre I have just named). I assume most of you readers know the Head Control System CD he worked on. Well, he fit just perfectly into the studio time for V:28 and the band has unleashed a creative and pleasurable metal CD in VioLution. It gets play time from me for sure. I think after listening to this whole CD one time through, the listener should go back to pay attention to the track “Desert Generator” because all the elements of fine metal truly expand and that one track should then be listened to by itself once or twice before the whole CD spins again.

1. Exequor
2. Shut It Down
3. The Absolute
4. Pattern Of The Weak
5. Surrender To Oblivion
6. World Wide Bombing Day
7. Desert Generator
8. Can You See The Light Now?
9. When Entropy Decreases

Vendlus Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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