V8 Wankers - Automotive Rampage

From Germany there comes this band which consists of 4 wankers obsessed by V8 cars and tattoos. And the best music that comes along in those two scenes is the dirty rock n roll orientated music. Mostly up tempo songs and some sing a long songs like their anthem "Wankers without a cause". Guitars in the mainrole. In my opinion the production is too clear for this kind of bands. The sound is clear but on stage they will be more enjoyable I think. The same problem with the last Peter Pan Speedrock album.

1. Four barrel glory
2. The baddest ride in town
3. Put the lever in d
4. Wankers without a cause
5. Boulevard bullet
6. In spades
7. Rock n roll dictator
8. High roller
9. A rat that roars
10. Detroit steel
11. Super stretch
12. Automotive rampage
13. Hellbent on action
14. Destination hell

Rude Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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