Vader - Impressions In Blood

Vader is Vader and will always be Vader. After their EP "The Art Of War" the first full length for Regain Records is ready. Officially releashed in September but here is the promo. What can I say about this album. Vader just continues to make blasting groovy death metal songs. Typical vocals of Peter and that snippy guitars with furious leads. And Daray is doing great on drums and is showing to be a good follow up of Doc. Also used a keyboard intro on "Helleluyah" which could be a crowds favorit. Overall there is again speed and groovy mid tempo parts. Or that tribal rhythm at the end of "Fields Of Heads". Vader again made their point with a fucking good release. Obligatorily.

1. Between Day and Night
2. ShadowsFear
3. As Heavens Collide...
4. Helleluyah!!! (God is Dead)
5. Field of Heads
6. Predator
7. Warlords
8. Red Code
9. Amongst the Ruins
10. They Live!!!
11. The Book

Regain Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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