Vaginal Incest - Cuntcore

A sick bandname has to come up with sick tunes. And yes they do! 14 Songs on this tape show what cuntcore is: furious, porny lyrics/titles, grinding all over. That it is played by two people and a drumcomputer makes this a real DIY underground band. For those of you who are into the porngrind scene you have to cuntact David to trade the musick.

1. Cocks And Cunts
2. Nuclear Anus
3. The One
4. Cuntcore
5. I Vomit Cuntslime
6. Massive Cock Torture
7. 1001 Anus
8. Carnage
9. Chatting Is Gay
10. Grindcore
11. Genital Pulverizer
12. Techno vs. Grind
13. Vaginal Incest
14. Cumloving Bitch
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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