Vai-te Foder - Poço

Vai-te Foder from Portugal were born in 2003 to make noise a threat again! "Poço" is their second full length album release after the "Vai-Te Foder" cassette EP (2009) and "Viciados No Degredo" full length (2010).

From the very first moments of the album it gets clear that in "Poço" Vai-te Foder play a heavy and violent crossover mix of crust/punk with grindcore. Memories from the days of the underground punk/crust/grind live shows with neverending moshpits and great atmosphere of unity in the Athens University strike back.

Vai-te Foder riffs are edgy, sharp and aggressive at the crust parts. The violent punk attitude of the band never fails them in the whole album. The very fast and rapid chord changes in honor of the early hardcore punk scene and bands like Extreme Noise Terror of the first albums makes me eager for more!
The grind themes have that early Napalm Death vibe, energy and raw power of the pre-"Harmony Corruption" period. Imagine all extreme music like punk, crust, hardcore, grindcore, thrash metal and death metal put into the blender to make a tasteful crossover juice to quench your thirst for powerful, violent and aggressive music!

The heavier moments are in the style of Motörhead, they never forget their punk and metal attitude and they make a very nice addition for my filthy tastes! Vai-te Foder's heavy riffs, whenever they appear, they have straight references to albums like "From Enslavement to Obliteration". There are also many thrash riffs in the album which sound totally 80's alcoholic holocaust stuff, like for example the riffs on the very early Metallica and Megadeth recordings. These riffs are raw and powerful enough to get you in the pit from the first note and they also have a great Motörhead influence. In the thrash groovy parts Sepultura of the Chaos AD era are definitely present. Another great influence and another Refuse/Resist message.

Vai-te Foder make a great use of the lead guitar. They don't use lead parts on every song, but when they do, it is always meaningful and the lead has a good reason to be in the song at the exact part where they use it. Some leads are so technical they even flirt with thrash/death!

The drums have a dry punk sound and maintain a good pace during the whole album. They keep the beat right, they are rhythmically correct and when they add fills they are always precise and on point.

The bass follows the songs great and highlights the riffs. When necessary it grabs up a few seconds to do what it's gotta do and add some extra vibes to the steady rhythm section of the band.

The vocals seem to have the destruction in them. They have a brutal tone full of desperation and an anarchist chaotic feeling that reminded me of the old days with the countless live shows out in the open air of a square or at the yard of schools or Universities. Vai-te Foder have 2 main vocalists plus countless backing vocalists from their collective.

The cover artwork brilliantly portrays the modern world and our slavery to politicians, religions, money, companies that all they want to is drain us, brainwash us, command us, make us unable to think or feel, turn us to inhuman productive machines which work for their benefits and when they're done with us they want us dead. In the middle of the whirlwind an undead human face begs for help. The cover artwork is a call to act now. And that's pretty much what Vai-te Foder is all about. A call to fuck misery and stand up to fuck shit up! A call to don't live in the illusions no more and fuck misery and stand up for your own future!

There is no need to write down standout songs. The album should be listened as a whole. I only need to write few words about the last song of the album, an excellent cover of "The Hammer", originally of course by Motörhead (Lemmy R.I.P.). The song clearly shows the importance of Motörhead and the connection of their music with the whole underground, the whole extreme music scene and the whole rebellion movement in general from punk to extreme metal! That's why the respect for Motörhead is and shall forever be so massive regardless music styles/genres.

I appreciate all the underground band names Vai-te Foder greet mentioned in the booklet. Hail old school!

The production is totally underground as pretty much the whole release! Exactly as it should be!

Murder Records and HelldProd said everything about the album in their press release: "Vai-te Foder stands for Fuck You so expect no more no less than a whirlwind of sheer fury and power straight in your fuckin face. This is punk, this is d-beat, this is grind, this is controversial, this is antisocial, this is a riot statement for all the shallow and modern music we have these days. Join the new album "Poço" and raise your middle finger to praise this rebellion!"

The album was released in 2017, and it's definitely a release worth to check out! The CD is a Limited edition of 500 copies! So, act fast! You won't regret it!

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Realidades Da Miséria
2. Sem Futuro
3. Poço
4. Motorcrust Junkies
5. Porquê?
6. Sempre A Mesma Merda
7. Atentado
8. Inútil
9. Cruz Da Desilusão
10. Liberdade Moralista
11. Purgatórios Do Caos
12. Speed
13. Túmulos Abertos
14. Thrash E Aparece
15. Zombie Alcoólico
16. Mundo Sem Fim
17. Porquê Outra Vez?
18. Cidade Radioctiva
19. Nascido Para Odiar
20. Opressão
21. Quero, Poço E Mando
22. The Hammer (cover Motörhead)