Vald - Boycott Your Life

Vald is hailing from Finland and this "Boycott Your Life" is their 2nd release after their sold out debut in 2003. On this disc you get 11 tracks in a fusion of funky rhythms and grindcore and crust explosions or punk attitude. Multi style filthy vocals over rhythms that have hooks and blasts. The songs are short and after a burst of energy they play some "intelligent" metal part. Explosive vs tenderness. Vald is preaching to boycott your life as it is not worth shit but I tell you to first listen this album as it is a nice piece of brutality and aggression but with a human touch.

1. Boycott Your Life
2. Min Revolt
3. Here In The Darkness
4. Fuck Fashion
5. No Future-Nothing
6. Waiting For The Angels To Cry
7. Revolution
8. Once Again
9. Krossad
10. War
11. Dark Clouds

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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