Valdur - Goat Of Iniquity

Valdur’s “Goat Of Iniquity”, is the follow up to last year’s “Divine Cessation” and the band seemingly pick right up where they left off with the last album. The elements and vibes of this album wrap themselves up in each other for a listening experience that is second to none for this particular genre. It’s not all that technical, but then again, it doesn’t need to be when it’s such a massive atrocity hellbent on consuming your sanity!

The riffs are outstanding with a semi raw black/death metal style of playing with a doom vibe which welcomes the listener into the looming darkness emanating from the speakers, filling the room with desolate ecstasy. The massiveness of the riffage here is, no doubt, due to the talent of the guitarist combined with the production and mixing, giving it the unique sound and feel that you will hear.

The drums have a nice raw vibe to them, more than likely due to the production. I actually love the sound of the drums on this album. The sound and style add an almost ritualistic feel to the presentation of the material. Just imagine if Incantation’s “Onward to Golgotha”, and Immolation’s “Dawn of Possession” were played with a semi raw doom/black metal feel!

The bass is mixed somewhere in here but not to the point where it sticks out. It’s not really necessary with everything else going on here. The presentation and feel of this album is just so massive, you’re not going to miss it. As for the vocals, a death metal style growl is the main pattern here. A perfect fit in terms of how it relates to the music. There really wasn’t a need to push the envelope where the vocals are concerned. The aura of the vocals and music combine flawlessly on every track.

Valdur have done an excellent job here. Pure chaos with the purpose of total sonic annihilation. A great mix of black, death, and doom metal that should have a place in everyone’s collection.[embed]

1. Divine Halls Of Obscurity Pt.I
2. Goat Of Iniquity / Devouring The Whore Of Darkness
3. Divine Halls Of Obscrity Pt.II
4. Spiritual Exhaust (The Beyond)
5. Inhale The Floodgates Open
6. (Iniquitous)