Valfeanor - En Ny Tid

Valfeanor is a band from Austria although the name and title sound more Scandinavian. But maybe they wish they were... Who knows? The band started under the monniker Mortar and playing thrash/death metal and completly changed. Not only the bandname but also the sound, Valfeanor is playing epic black metal with huge emphasise on keyboards and other instruments like a fluit. The album starts with a quit intro that flows in to the title song. It all starts tame and falls in after 1 minute in a mid tempo tune. Voice are raw with chants in the background but he also is doing more traditional black metal screaming a few times. Most of the time the tempo is mid paced but you can also hear changes to rapid beats. Guitars are simple and not really exciting as the emphasise is more on the keys and the melody in the songs. Also some instrumental tracks in between and the album is closing with a 8 minute song with birds, water and orchestal synths that express the Tolkien atmosphere as they use his text in their songs. Valfeanor is a band you have to like or not so go to their site and check it out yourself.

1. Kingdom Of A New Century
2. En Ny Tid
3. Durins Hall
4. The Cold Hard Lands
5. Reborn In The Dark
6. Trough The Battles
7. The Last Chapter
8. Ballad Of A Forgotten One
9. .....And Leave The Glory Days

Black Tower Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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