Valgrind – Speech Of The Flame

Italian death metallers Valgrind releases their second full length album. This is hard to describe without sounding like I’m going through the motions but here we go.

"Speech Of The Flame" is 45 minutes of death metal in its purist form. There’s no messing about and you will be left with no doubts to what you have just heard or what the bands intentions are. This sounds of classic era Morbid Angel with thick riffs and pummeling drums and death growls deep enough to turn your stomach to water. It’s all finished off with production just rough enough round the edges to give an old school sound and separates the band from the current crop of over clinical sound.

They know when you slow things down and when to groove, they let their riffs breath and overall it’s just a very heavy and very organic album. The solos are blistering and they inject just a little melody here and there just to break things up. It’s a very classic sounding death metal but it’s of a high quality and the band are no means riding on any bands coat tails, it’s solid and the band hold their own.

It does what it says on the tin. Its high quality, classic death metal played with passion and well worth your time.

  1. Intro
  2. Tyrants
  3. Obscure The Sun
  4. Blood Retribution
  5. Into The Realm Of Grey Light
  6. Speech Of The Flame
  7. From The Darkest Womb
  8. Ring Of The Omega
  9. The Abyss I Am In
  10. Watery Grave
  11. Echoes Of The Titan