Vanguard – II

Vanguard is here with their newest release "II". "II" is Vanguard’s first full-length album, following up a 2015 EP "I" and two singles "Iron Sky" and "Sunshine Never Comes". Vanguard is five-man melodic death outfit from Brno, Czech Republic. They are comprised of Jan Blaha (bass), Marty Medek (drums), Filip Vrba & Vojta Jeřábek (guitars), and Tomáš Kačer (vocals).

"II" holds nothing back for a first album. It takes a minute to get on its feet, but once you hit 'Hollow Idol', you’re in for some solid melodic death. 'Spectacle Of Inertia' is host to guitars on the level of Dying Fetus. 'Sunshine Never Comes' has a riff that will embed in your skull. And 'Demigod' showcases just what these guys are capable of.

That said, I must give 'Feast Thine Eyes' my favorite spot. Its melodic instrumentals and soft chanting vocals for an intro blend seamlessly into its rocking, rhythmic guitars that segue nicely into the main song. Kačer displays a solid vocal range, hitting both high notes and deep growls in quick succession. It has a little bit of everything that’s in the album and does it just a little bit better too.

It’s not particularly inspired and it won’t be a hit – but it doesn’t need to be. For where these guys are, this is exactly what they should be producing. This isn’t an album I’d suggest listening to solely, but its definitely a great background track for the train from Cheb to Prague.


1. Coalescene
2. Succumb
3. Hollow Idol
4. Spectacle Of Inertia
5. Final Prophecy
6. Sunshine Never Comes
7. Demigod
8. Feast Thine Eyes
9. Iron Sky (bonus track)

Self released
Reviewer: Matthew Bolen
Mar 12, 2019
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